BWF Tom Cruise – 018

018 – Best / Worst / Favorite (Tom Cruise)

We have a bonus BWF episode for you. Tom Cruise. The alien Scientologist who’s been in eleventy million movies.  We also got into the Ready Player One trailer, talked about Lisa’s love of Peter Weller, and laughed at the dumpster fire that was Megyn Kelly’s first week on the job. Boom.

BWF Harrison Ford – 017

017 – Best / Worst / Favorite (Harrison Ford)

This week we play a new game we invented called Best Worst Favorite where we take an iconic actor or actress that we love, and discuss what we each believe is their best movie, their worst movie, and our favorite movie. For this episode we chose everyone’s favorite nerf herder Harrison Ford. We also started the conversation with a spirited
breakdown of the new Star Wars trailer.


Living Alone Part I – 014

Living Alone Part I – 014

We’ve been away fighting monsters and saving lives but we’re back!

This is a jam packed episode filled with hate for people who misuse regular expressions, and whether or not it’s good to live alone.

Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming drunk on Wonder Woman episode in which we all got shit faced and passionately discussed the Wonder Woman movie. Boom.