The Dead Pool 008

Spear, Jim, LisaX, and Neal are having a contest to see who will be the last person to be in a committed relationship. The prize is a bottle of Teh Bourbons. Listeners can vote who they think the winner will be by clicking this link The Dead Pool

Also, Jim has a run in with a scratchy parking attendant, and Neal hates Garfunkel.

How Not To Die 004

Put this in your ear holes immediately!

This week me, Jim, Spear, and LisaX threw Army of Darkness on the TV, polished off a bottle of Micther’s Teh Bourbon, and discussed some of the country’s most pressing topics:

  • Would it be satisfying to write a one-hit-wonder?
  • Which way would you absolutely NOT want to go out?
  • Why don’t more people remember Ducommun?

And loads of other things that will probably save your life.

Is there shit you hate we should be talking about? Let us know.

Thanks for listening.


Online Dating 003

It’s the week before Thanksgiving, and what goes famously with Thanksgiving? A boozy discussion about online dating from 4 people who clearly have it all together, obviously.

This week Spear, Jim, LisaX, and myself (Neal) got together to discuss (among other things):

Why is “ghosting” a thing?

Is it a good idea to date co-workers?

Should you ask a girl if she eats moose prior to meeting in person?

If anyone out there in dating land has any horror stories they’d like to share with us we’d love to hear them.

This episode has been brought to you by Teh Bottle of Michters we finished during the recording of said episode